Royal Liver Building 360 sponsors “Flight,” an immersive light experience showcased on the unique lightscape of Liverpool’s famous Royal Liver Building

November 4, 2019

As part of Liverpool’s River of Light Festival (1st to 9th November 2019), Royal Liver Building 360 is proud to sponsor “Flight,” an immersive light experience showcased on the unique lightscape of the famous Royal Liver Building.

Utilising over 450 individual lights as well as a bespoke soundtrack, Flight brings this iconic building to life like never before with a story told through light.

The special digital showcase, known as ‘Flight’, sees the Royal Liver Building illuminated in a five minute light show every 30 minutes. It is accompanied by a new soundtrack composed by local artist Sam Crombie.

The light show, which has been designed by Arup and supported by Heritage Great Britain, will thereafter become a permanent feature of the city’s culture calendar as the building will have bespoke displays for special occasions.

Chris Devaney, operations manager for RLB360, said: “We know from the huge numbers of visitors we’ve had to RLB360 that people from all over the world love the Royal Liver Building. The new light show adds to this affection and gives this magnificent building a new lease of life. It strengthens its presence as a landmark building.”

For more information about Royal Liver Building 360, please visit their website or follow on Facebook.