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  • Land's End Hotel
  • Land's End Hotel

Heritage Great Britain is an exciting group of companies and businesses which operates some of the UK’s most outstanding landmark destinations and popular visitor attractions.

Headquartered on the Albert Dock in Liverpool, our current portfolio stretches from the coastal splendour of Land’s End at the South-Western tip of Cornwall to remote John O’Groats in the far North of Scotland. In between, the 115 year old Snowdon Mountain Railway takes passengers to the summit of the highest mountain in England and Wales and The Needles: Landmark Attraction welcomes visitors to the Isle of Wight’s iconic Westerly point.

Completing our portfolio, Mattel Play! (Liverpool) is an exciting indoor attraction concept that takes world famous brands such as Thomas & Friends™ , Bob the Builder™ and Fireman Sam™ and brings them to life in an interactive family experience.

Latest News

Fireman Sam™ visit!

17th August 2017

Fireman Sam™ joins celebrations!

It was all hands to the pumps last week as Fireman Sam™ joined in the celebrations to mark 50 years of Mer ...Read more

Mattel Play! Reviews

08th August 2017

Amazing customer reviews!

Based on the popular TV series that kids know and love – Thomas & Friends™, Bob the Builder™ an ...Read more

John O'Groats Games

08th August 2017

John O'Groats new home of the Mey Games

This year’s Mey Highland Games is set to be the biggest in the event’s history with the number of st ...Read more

Marconi 120th anniversary

01st August 2017

120th anniversary of first radio transmission is highlight of summer at The Needles on Isle of Wight

A day of celebrations to mark the 120th anniversary of the first radio transmission from The Needles is the highlight ...Read more