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Port Soderick

Situated between the coastlines of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, in the middle of the Irish Sea, you’ll find the Isle of Man. Blessed with an extensive coastline, stunning natural landscapes and unspoilt beaches, the Isle of Man is a perfect holiday and short break destination that’s within easy reach of the rest of the British Isles.

Port Soderick
Port Soderick

Fiercely proud of its diverse culture and fascinating heritage this sea-bound kingdom has a captivating story to tell – one which stretches back for thousands of years. One famous legend has it that the Island’s name comes from the Celtic sea god Manannan Mac Lir who protected the land from invaders by shrouding it in a cloak of mist. Another legend tells that the Isle of Man was created when the Irish giant Finn MacCooill threw a chunk of earth from Ireland’s coastline towards Scotland, when in battle, which promptly landed in the Irish Sea and became the Isle of Man.

Regardless, it is these folklore stories which are carefully safeguarded by the Manx people to ensure the Island doesn’t lose any of its unique charm of character.  Of course we can’t be sure of the truth in these tales, but for an Island of such modest size, measuring just 33 miles in length and 13 miles in width, you’ll find the Isle of Man really is larger than life!

Port Soderick is a small hamlet to the south of Douglas, capital of the Isle of Man, once famed for its pleasure grounds and beach and represents a unique coastal development opportunity. 

In summer 2015 Heritage Great Britain acquired this privately owned bay and, with its unique experience of rejuvenating the rural landscapes of tourist sites such as John O’Groats and the summit of Snowdon, Heritage Great Britain is now working with award-winning Isle of Man architects and Isle of Man government officials to bring Port Soderick back to life for the local economy in the new millennia.

Heritage Great Britain sees this project as being yet another venture that will be developed with the highest quality in mind.