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Corporate Social Responsibility

Heritage Great Britain’s approach to corporate social responsibility is based on our core values and continued commitment to focus on our employees and workplaces, together with a proactive involvement in our communities, charitable fund raising activities and the environmental impact of our operations.

In the area of employees and the workplace, examples of initiatives include;

  • Personnel appraisal, enhancement and development plans for all permanent employees.
  • ‘Investor in People’ standard accreditation achieved or in the process of being achieved at business units.
  • Work experience opportunities on all sites.
  • Apprenticeship programmes in all businesses.


Our involvement with local communities and charities includes;

  • Support for educational activities and local fund raising events plus discounted admissions to school and uniform groups.
  • Regular meetings with local councils and other local authority bodies where Heritage Great Britain works in partnership.
  • Support to youth groups.
  • Free tickets or benefits in kind for local fund raising activities.
  • On-site support for several charities including RSPB, Cornwall Air Ambulance, Yorkshire Air Ambulance, RNLI, Walk the Wight and Snowdonia mountain rescue. 


In relation to environmental impact initiatives these include;

  • Proactive involvement with the Carbon Trust and its consultants.
  • PV Solar, biomass boilers and other green energy initiatives either installed or in development.
  • Detailed and specific environmental, energy efficient mission statement setting out our commitment, objectives and procedures at group and individual staff level.
  • Regular auditing of sites by independent energy and waste management consultancies.