Swiss Railway steams into Snowdonia

Swiss Railway steams into Snowdonia

01st November 2017

The entire workforce of famed Swiss mountain railway Brienz Rothorn Bahn (BRB) has visited North Wales in an unprecedented cultural exchange.

The historic Alpine railway which has climbed to the summit of the Brienzer Rothorn since 1892, was closed for the day as all its staff were in Snowdonia, visiting the Snowdon Mountain Railway.

The BRB staff were closely monitoring how the Welsh railway is run and sharing some ideas of their own.

North Wales’ proud mountain steam engines took the BRB team on a picturesque journey to the top of Wales’ highest peak, sure to rival the spectacular sights of the Swiss Alps.

Snowdon Mountain Railway has long had close ties with Switzerland and has been a spiritual cousin of the high Swiss railways like BRB since opening over 120 years ago.

Steam engines on both lines were manufactured by the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works of Winterthur and both work on a rack and pinion system to help their trains climb the mountains.

Simon Koller, BRB general manager, said:

“We’ve wanted to bring all our staff to Wales for a long time so they can see how a similar railway to their own is run in the UK.

“Both the experience and the Welsh hospitality has been wonderful, I know we learned a lot from each other.”

Alan Kendall, general manager of Snowdon Mountain Railway, said:

“It gave me great pleasure to welcome our Swiss cousins at the end of another hugely successful season.

“This is the first time we’ve had the entire workforce of another railway come to see how we do things on Snowdon.

“This visit continues a tradition of exchanges between our two historic railways, dating back to 1899. Hopefully we’ll continue to share ideas and information for a long time to come.”

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